Top YouTube Marketing Strategies You Don’t Want to Miss in 2016

Welcome to Bolt’s series for all things content marketing. This month, we take a look at what’s in store for the social media landscape in 2016.

We’ll cover the latest developments and features the top platforms offer, statistics on their user base, and most importantly, new strategies you can apply to maximise your reach in 2016. YouTube marketing will be our final article on the subject, but you can check out our other articles here!


Youtube marketing

The world’s most popular video site is currently brimming with over 1 billion users. They generate 4 billion views a day, averaging 323 years of collective viewing time per minute!

Latest YouTube Marketing Trends

1. More AD spending and increased viewership

Youtube marketing

With so much consumer attention being paid to YouTube, marketers will naturally gravitate towards the platform. A steady 40% increase in viewership year-on-year since March 2014 also suggests that this trend is here to stay.

2. YouTube Red

Youtube marketing

YouTube’s latest initiative at subscription based service is YouTube Red. The service will allow users to save videos for offline viewing, allow background playback when switching apps, and ad-free viewing.

It will be interesting to see how marketers can leverage download statistics on branded videos, and it will certainly push more brands to produce higher quality work to attract eyeballs if this takes off. The service is currently only available in the United States.

New Strategies

1. Less focus on pre-roll advertising

Youtube marketing

First of all, everyone hates pre-roll ads, and I am a strong believer that it hurts your brand more than it benefits you. The rising trend of ad blockers is also a cause for concern for brands still insisting on this course of action.

2. More original value-added content

Youtube marketing

Since pre-roll ads are losing their effectiveness, marketers will be better off spending their budget to produce better value-adding content. How-to guides, and other informational content is a great way to go. Alternatively humorous or visually appealing content will give your videos more reach too.

3. Working with influencers

One of the most efficient ways to bring your product to the forefront of the conversation is through influencers. In the crowded digital space today, it can be difficult to breakthrough. Getting around that through influencers who have an established audience may be a good point.

4. User-generated content

Youtube marketing

It’s extremely difficult to get a large subscription base and viewership these days. YouTube is just too crowded with content and viewers are constantly shifting their attention. The solution? User generated content.

Put your product out there and get people to talk about it. Whether it’s sending samples to influencers or giveaways for fans who post videos, it doesn’t hurt for you to get onto as many channels as you can. Reviews, preview footage or people just enjoying and having fun with your product can do way more than an over produced corporate video.

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